Stuff I Learned in 2012

What I really wanted for Christmas was a device that would read my thoughts and organize them into coherent sentences for me, sparing me the trouble of having to write them myself. My fingers usually can’t keep up with my brain, whether I’m hand-writing or typing, which is why I often avoid writing. I want to change that in 2013, and it seemed like looking back on last year would be a good way to find inspiration. Here are some of the big ideas that resonated with me the most, copied in no particular order from various things I wrote over the course of 2012:

God wants me to spend my time helping people grow & prosper, not checking email.

Fear & timidity are signs that I am not trusting God enough with my circumstances (see 2 Timothy 1:7).

Hand-written thank you notes have a profound impact on the people who receive them, it’s been fun & rewarding to write them.

“Accordingly, the practical aim of the one who takes obedience seriously is not to obey, but to become the kind of person who easily and routinely does obey as a result of devotion to Jesus and consequently of taking him as Lord, teacher and friend. The practical aim is to know him, to be devoted to him, in this inclusive manner.” – Dallas Willard

Jesus dying for the world is more than just for the world, but it’s also for me as a person…He died to set ME free, and so when I think about freedom in Christ I have to remember what a high price was paid for it.

How can I be anxious about work when I consider 2 amazing facts: 1) the Creator of the universe loves me and wants to be the most important person in my life, and 2) He blessed me with gifts, talents, skills & passions so that I could actually do stuff for Him.


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