Set Up

Thursday morning I was sitting in Starbucks, finishing & posting my observations on this week’s lesson for an online class I’m taking through Willow Creek Community Church called The Leader’s Soul. I was at Starbucks because we were having router problems at home & I got frustrated so I decided to finish up somewhere with a more dependable connection. The last thing I wrote was “…I admit that it’s hard for me to discern [God’s] prompting. I don’t know if that’s related to my wounded soul, or if maybe He just isn’t prompting me, which scares me because I don’t want to become one of those people who loses the capacity to hear God’s voice.” Hearing & responding to God’s promptings has been at the forefront of my focus lately because of this course, as well as the Soul Revolution series my church (Gateway Community Church in Austin) has been doing.

Seconds after posting I looked up and noticed the woman sitting in front of me. She was on her laptop, looking at a web page titled “Christian Nightmares.” Interesting, I thought…was the site about how Christians are a nightmare, or maybe about how many Christians around the world suffer through nightmarish persecution? I just couldn’t tell from where I was sitting. Then I realized – oh, it’s a prompting, I’m supposed to get out of my chair, reach out to her and ask. I felt an initial moment of panic & resistance, but it was interesting how, once I resolved to do it, it felt very easy to get up, and I wasn’t even worried about whether or not she thought I was a whacko. I sat down & told her that I couldn’t help but notice her web page, and was interested in learning more.

To make a long story short, she is a Chrstian and she & her husband were interested in checking out a particular church in the area because they had recently heard a recording of a message that church had done a couple of years ago about same-sex relationships, and how Christians must be more Christ-like in loving gays & lesbians, a topic that really resonated with her. She said “the church is called Gateway.” I said, “that’s interesting, because I go to Gateway, and I was there for that powerful message.” She told me that, before I introduced myself, she apparently had been nervous about me seeing that web page, and was wondering what I would think about it, which I found funny & ironic. We exchanged contact info and are working out when we can meet at church with our spouses.

I walked out of Starbucks that morning speechless and filled with emotion. God orchestrated a meeting that would bless us both, and empowered me to step out of my comfort zone through a relatively safe & obvious set-up. I can’t think of anything more to say about it than Wow.


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