Proverbs Day 4

Wise words bring many benefits,
and hard work brings rewards. (Proverbs 12:14 NLT)

I was so caught up in the second half of this verse yesterday that I completely glossed over the first half, which is awfully ironic considering my pretensions about offering my own wise words.

What are some of the benefits of wise words?

1. As long as we have been listening to the right people, there’s little to no pressure on each of us as individuals to be independently brilliant all day every day.
2. Wise words build up rather than tear down, even if they’re words we don’t want to hear.
3. The right words at the right time remind you of important things you’ve forgotten in the midst of turmoil & uncertainty.
4. Sharing wisdom enriches both the speaker & the listener/reader.
5. There’s no shelf life for wise words, meaning you can dust them off and apply them whenever you need them. This is especially true with wisdom from the Bible, which our popular culture has deemed outdated & irrelevant.


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