Thank you for telling me how you felt

Someone recently told me “I felt disrespected when you did _______. If you had told me ahead of time what you were doing and why I would have understood.”

Point taken. Thank you for telling me how you felt. It doesn’t make sense for me to talk about the importance of communication if I don’t follow my own advice.


One thought on “Thank you for telling me how you felt

  1. Did you let this person know so you would receive a “You’re Welcome?”….Even if we are at fault for making someone feel bad we should also know that the person we disrespected unintentionally will continue to feel that way until it’s addressed. I love when mistakes are made and owned up to, makes mistakes worth it in a way. I always admire when my boss says “I made this mistake”…”this is how I felt” “this is what happened to me” Brings humanity into a sometimes nonhuman place or situation. I have learned it is better to hear your faults in real time than to fault the accuser later. Sometimes we are right, but more often than not….we have something we can learn from the situation and ourselves. If only everyone would speak their mind without fear, we would learn a lot about our own flaws….Then again not everyone could handle it.

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