My take on Tebow Time

I get that Tebowmania hype galls people. It’s media overkill. He’s horrible for 3 quarters but finds a way to win when it matters (like he did against my Bears), so that when he loses people cheer with a vengeance, like this guy on Twitter: “So tebow, where’s your God now? Looks like even God like [sic] Brady more than he likes you.” I don’t know if you could cram any more mockery & vitriol into a single tweet, seemingly motivated by Tim Tebow actively integrating his faith into his work life.

Being a Christian is no guarantee of success. God doesn’t love Tim Tebow or me or you or anyone else any more or less because of our beliefs. Jesus was very clear that in this world we will have trouble, some of which will come from publicly identifying ourselves with Him. How many people look at Tim Tebow and wish they could put their faith out there like he has? How many people are held back by fear, especially because of how polarizing a figure he’s become? I’ll be the first to raise my hand to both questions.

Tim Tebow may never win another game and may go down in history as the most over-hyped figure in professional sports. But he isn’t afraid to be a Christian all the time, including on the job, and for that he has my respect & admiration. I pray that he inspires me & others to find their voice and live the same kind of fearless, whole, integrated life.


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