New Year, New Blog

It’s early Tuesday morning & it’s back to work after having had 11 days off over the Christmas holiday. Growing up I got to enjoy having my dad at home much of December because, due to his tenure & seniority with his company, he had a a lot of vacation + the flexibility to take it when he wished. Now that I find myself in a similar work situation (where I’m “the boss”) I’ve found myself doing the same & loving it.

I typically don’t see the start of a new year as a time or reason to resolve to do new or different things. Maybe it’s my Christian worldview, which sees every moment of every day as the starting point for starting fresh, but if/when I’m ready to really change I’m just going to jump in when the time seems right. In the case of starting a blog…well, now felt like the right time.

I have a B.A. In English, so writing has always been a valued part of my life. I have gone through phases where I fancied myself a writer of one kind or another, despite the fact that I get bored easily by the physical act of writing. Most of my writing nowadays consists of work stuff. I’d like to believe that what I write is different from content from “the boss” at other companies because I tend to take a more philosophical look at work and it’s challenges & opportunities. My faith informs this approach, even if it doesn’t overtly make its presence known in my message.

And so as I’ve been reflecting on what kind of leader I want to be in 2012, and as I digest bits of wisdom from various Twitter feeds, I’ve decided to join the global conversation, in which anyone with time and an Internet connection can put themselves out there for anyone to read. My desire is to share my experiences with and perspectives on the intersection of leadership and faith. Actually, “integration” may be a better word, because in order to be truly whole person I need to involve both elements in all areas of my life. I think I’ve done this fairly successfully over the past few years but I don’t really talk much about it, and so I see this as an opportunity to connect with others who may also be searching for transcendent meaning in their work lives.

I really have no idea how these blogs work but maybe you’ll get something out of it & want to dialogue about your own experiences & questions. Let’s all resolve to be whole people who are multi-dimensional in every part of our lives, and to share with others how we’re doing at it.


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